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When makeup was invented

When did makeup become such a big part of our lives? Did you know that makeup has been around since ancient times?

Makeup has been around since ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used red ochre powder to cover their faces and bodies. They also used white clay mixed with oil to create a foundation.


Today, makeup is a huge part of our daily lives. There are hundreds of companies and thousands of products available. From foundations to lipsticks, eyeshadow to mascara, there is something for everyone.

History of Makeup: What is the History of Makeup?

The history of makeup dates back to ancient Egypt where women used mud and clay to cover their faces. During the Renaissance period, women started using rouge and powder to enhance their beauty. During the 19th century, women started wearing foundation to hide blemishes and scars. By the 20th century, foundations were made from mineral oil and petroleum jelly. Today, we use makeup to create different looks for our face. We find it in almost every industry; be it film or television, fashion or advertising, even sports!

Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

Women wear makeup because they want to look more beautiful than they actually are. Some people may say that men don’t need makeup but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Men do have makeup needs just like women. If a man wants to attract a woman he should definitely put on some makeup. It will make him look more attractive.

How To Apply Makeup Correctly?

There are many ways to apply makeup correctly. You can either apply your own makeup or get someone else to help you. Whatever method you choose, remember these tips.

Ingredients Were Poisonous

Before the discovery of modern chemistry, women had to mix poisonous ingredients together to create cosmetics. In the 17th century, women would mix mercury with lead oxide to create a liquid base. Mercury was known to cause brain damage and death so women needed to take precautions when mixing chemicals.

Some makeup ingredients used today were invented long ago.

Yes, some makeup ingredients used today were first developed back in ancient times. The earliest known example was kohl, which is made from powdered antimony ore. Kohl has been used for centuries as a facial cosmetic and is still popular today. Another ancient ingredient is egg yolk, which is used to thicken creams and lotions. Egg yolks also contain vitamin A, which helps prevent wrinkles.

Foundation Is Not A Foundation

Many women think that foundation is a type of foundation. This isn’t true. Foundations are meant to give your skin an even tone while giving you a flawless finish. Liquid foundations are usually thicker than cream foundations. Cream foundations are lighter than liquid foundations.

A good tip for applying foundation is to blend it into your skin first before putting any other product over top.

Apply Your Makeup With Care

When applying makeup, you should always start at the hairline and work towards the chin. Once you reach the chin, you can move down to the neck area. Avoid the eye area as much as possible.

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