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How to Apply Makeup Step by Step Tutorial For Beginners 2022

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A difficult task to Apply makeup tutorial for beginners that no idea about how to apply makeup properly step by step. So don’t worry about this in this article, we will discuss the steps of applying makeup tips, especially for beginners. After that, you can able to do it like a pro. Step Guide To Apply Natural Makeup:

1) Clean your face with a cleanser and dry pat.

Clean your face with a cleanser and dry pat - makeup tutorial for beginners

To cleanse your dry skin, massage your cleanser onto damp skin. After that, take a clean and wet cloth and wipe the cleanser off your face and ensure you don’t apply too heavy of pressure to the skin’s surfaces. Dry gently with a clean towel.


2) Apply moisturizer on your face.

Apply moisturizer on your face - makeup tutorial for beginners

It is necessary to wash and moisturize your skin before coating on makeup and polishing your strategy. Since makeup can never spread totally without it, always rinse and prep your face with the best moisturizer for your skin type condition. 

3) Use an eye primer before using foundation or concealer.

Use an eye primer before using foundation or concealer - makeup tutorial for beginners

Since not all primer pairs are making the same, It is great to choose the right one for your skin tone to get a better effect. You were able to get started after you obtained your primer. Now how to apply primer? Apply thin, sheer layers. The primer can begin to bubble or pill if using a large finger. Lying complete textures instead, concentrating on the forehead, lips, and jaw. “For beginners, it will also cause it to fade and disfigure in these zones that are also named as T-zone yet are typically the oiliest.”

4) Using a foundation brush or sponge, apply foundation all over your face.

foundation brush or sponge, apply foundation all over your face - makeup tutorial for beginners

You should begin applying your makeup that just now your dry skin has been primed and ready. Step by step, you can usually start with liquid foundation and afterward concealer. Apply a few dots of makeup to the T-zone, with proper attention to your chin, forehead, lips, and nose. After that, blend it in with a makeup brush. Although a makeup sponge and sometimes your fingertips can be used, but use a foundation sponge is the plan and most convenient, making it a perfect choice for beginners. To achieve a natural finish, start with a small chunk of product and blend. Begin by blending a small volume of product to produce a natural look.

Once you’ve added your makeup, it’s time to apply concealer. Concentrate on any parts you like to hide. Under the skin of your eyes, the areas above your nostrils, as well as any blemishes and acne scars. Whenever it gets to conceal, it’s crucial to dab rather than drag. Use the ring finger, a concealer pin, or a roller to spot ad-on blemishes and gently dab. Make two twisted triangles under your eyes and gently dab the points into your makeup to cover under the eyes. The upside triangle strategy is not only foolproof, but it also brightens up the whole profile, adding to your stunning glow.

5) Fix the Makeup with a Setting Powder.

Fix the Makeup with a Setting Powder - makeup tutorial for beginners

Remove some extra setting powder with a fluffy brush and velvet puff dipped in it. So when you add it to your face, make sure it is uniformly distributed. Next, push it against your face to prevent your mascara from moving about when you’re applying it. Throughout the day, concentrate on places that seem to need touch-ups.

6) Apply Contour and Highlighter

Apply Contour and Highlighter - makeup tutorial for beginners

Powder, cream and liquid, highlighter, and contour formulations are available, with powder will one of the most completely reliable, making it suitable for beginners. Concentrate an angled sponge on the places where you want to add depth. Start from the bottom up, under the jawline. Then, around your cheekbones, along your hairline, and on the sides of your nose, apply contour step by step.

Perfecting contour takes a bit of time, but it makes a lot of change expressly in pictures. As you can apply contour, apply the face powder under the jawline on the edges of the cheeks, on the circumference of the forehead.

When applying a highlighter, concentrate on the “high” areas of the face where the sun will usually shine. The most natural dimension is achieved by applying a highlighter just above cheekbones through the brow bone arch, including the bottom surface of the nose, and balancing thoroughly. Soak the cadger in the powder & then press it to remove extra powder before applying.

7) Apply blusher using a blush brush and Bronzer

Apply blusher using a blush brush and Bronzer - makeup tutorial for beginners

When choosing a bronzer, don’t go darker than from a perfect shade well as two darker from your natural skin tone. Bronzer Mix along your hairline on your cheekbones and your jawline with a damp sponge.

Mark a no. 3 on your forehead, beginning at the hairline then going down to the cheekbones until rounded out under the jawline for a simple and effective implementation. a smooth finish, mix in circular, spreading signal, and powder a few on the nose to finish the sun-kissed sparkle.

Apply blush to the edges of the cheeks with a sponge to produce an elegant, natural-looking glow, turning the sponge in circular movements to blend as you go.

8) Apply eye shadow using an eyeshadow brush.

Apply eye shadow using an eyeshadow brush - makeup tutorial for beginners

The flat eyeshadow brush is used to apply eye shadow to the eyelids. It helps to create a more defined look. To achieve this effect, start with the inner corner of your eye, then move towards the outer corner. Blend the colors together.

Whenever it comes to applying eye makeup, you have a lot of opportunities. You adapt your eye shadow to your mood based on how you’re going or what you’re going to wear. Achieve the desired glam, use eye shadow, black eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, well mascara step by step. You should now apply your liquid eyeliner until after you’ve finished with the eye shadow. use on eyes with eyeliner 

For beginners, Brows are deserving of special treatment on their own. Using items such as brow crayons, powders, brow pencils, and gels, can either help your brows appear longer or improve their natural form. Keep to these rules if you’re not sure which substance is best for you. Use a pencil to achieve the most realistic-looking result that closely resembles your natural hair. A brow powder would be your closest buddy if you’d like to load up sparse areas. At least, if the brow bone is out of control, use a brow gel to hold it in place.

9) Apply Mascara

Apply Mascara - makeup tutorial for beginners

Mascara is applied to the upper lash to lengthen them and thicken them. Begin by wetting your brush first. Wipe off excess water from the brush. Dip the brush in the mascara tube and tap it against the side of the tube to release any air bubbles.

10) Apply lipstick

Apply lipstick using a lip brush or finger - makeup tutorial for beginners

Lipstick is applied to lips to enhance their color. Use a lip brush to apply lipstick evenly over the entire mouth. When applying lipstick, begin with the middle part of the upper lip and work outward.

If you’re going to use a lip primer, make sure your lips prepare first. After that, draw a line across your mouth with the lip liner. Also, contour or establish the appearance of a wider pout through lining softly across the lips during this stage. After that, use your liquid liner to fill up your cheeks.

11) Apply nail polish using a nail brush.

Apply nail polish using a nail brush - makeup tutorial for beginners

Nail polish is applied to nails to protect them from damage and to give them a polished look. Nails should be cleaned properly prior to application.

12) Apply perfume using a perfume brush.

Apply perfume using a perfume brush - makeup tutorial for beginners

Perfume is applied to the body to make it smell good. Perfumes are made of different ingredients that help to give the person’s body a particular scent.

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